The Vedanta society Berkeley - San Jose House is at the following address: 

1376 Mariposa Ave, San Jose, CA 95126

You can reach us at: (408) 493-0665

Note: Please check with us for the location of the event before travel. We will always specify where an event is being held. 

Please find a link to our newsletter with details about events at San Jose House here


Brief History of the San Jose House

In 1970, Swami Swahananda became the first head of the Vedanta Society Berkeley. He had special inclination of disseminating the message of Vedanta and the Holy Trio in every nook and corner of the locality. After taking charge of the Vedanta society Berkeley he started giving lectures in different parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. South Bay area also became part of his activities. Initially he started giving lectures to groups in people's homes in and around San Jose and other parts of Silicon Valley. After a few years devotees in Silicon Valley felt the need for a permanent place which might be a branch of the Vedanta Society Berkeley at Silicon Valley. Incidentally, they found a small two storied house near downtown at 1376 Mariposa Avenue, San Jose which happened to cost the same as a devotee Anita Kietzman had bequeathed to the society at the same time. It was March 1975 and the house was purchased.

san jose.jpg

A photo of Sri Ramakrishna was first installed in the newly purchased house on March 23, 1975. The shrine installation took place at the parlor of the house on Ramnavami day, April 20, 1975. The shrine installation took place at the parlor of the house on Ramnavami day, April 20, 1975 and that day Swami Swahananda gave first talk at San Jose center. On Sunday, May 25, 1975, Swami Swahananda inaugurated the center in presence of Swami Shraddhananda, Minister in charge of Vedanta Society Sacramento, Swami Prabudhananda, Minister in charge of the Vedanta Society San Francisco and about 75 devotees and monastics from San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkeley and San Jose.

In 1977, Swami Swananda was appointed as the head of the Vedanta Society Berkeley and San Jose and Swami Swahanada took charge of the Vedanta Society of Southern California. Swami Swananda, austere, introvert in nature, and staunch Vedantist soon became very popular in San Jose for his life and wisdom but he left for India after only 8 years. 

Swami Aparananda then became head of the Vedanta Society Berekeley in May, 1985. he continued as head of these two centers for 30 long years. 

Swami Prasannatmananda came to serve as Assistant Swami at the Vedanta Society Berkeley in February, 2011 and became the head of the centers in October, 2014, on Swami Aparananda's retirement. Till September 2013, the San Jose center had been functioning on every alternate Sunday. Since September 2013, it has been functioning every Sunday. Regular aarti (vesper service) with five classes on Sunday evenings from September through June, an yearly meditation camp, Durga Puja, worship on the Holy Trio's birth anniversary celebrations, special observance of Ramnavami, Thanksgiving have been continuing as usual. 

You can also come forward and participate in various ways to this wonderful Vedanta movement to build, enhance and fulfill your life. 

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