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***Ask SwamI***

what is Vedanta?

  • Vedanta is a way of life based on a higher view of reality as pure consciousness both transcendent and immanent.
  • Vedanta is the “Integral Science of Consciousness."
  • Vedanta is the “Science of Spirituality” based on the eternal, universal truths and laws of the spiritual world.

Vedanta Society Berkeley - 2455 Bowditch Street Berkeley, CA, 94704, USA. Email: or phone: 510-848-8862


San Jose Center of Vedanta Society Berkeley - 1376 Mariposa Avenue San Jose, CA, 95126, USA. Email: or phone: 408-492-0665



Interviews and Practical Instructions:

Swami Prasannatmanada is glad to confer with those who are interested in knowing more about Vedanta or with those who want to discuss their spiritual interests with him. The Swami requests that appointments be made after lectures or classes or over the telephone. 


Those who would like to spend some time in prayer, meditation and to attend Vesper service are welcome to do so at the sanctuary of Berkeley center every evening except Sunday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and at San Jose by appointment. 

Library and Book Store:

  • The Society maintains a library on Vedanta philosophy, religion and other philosophical systems and religious traditions of the world both in Berkeley and San Jose. 

  • Books on Vedanta and Indian religious literature are sold at the bookstore in the foyer before and after the Sunday lectures and Thursday classes. 

Please find an updated Calendar with all events below (click on the event for more details)